Umut A. Acar

Assistant Professor 
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

Office: GHC 8205
Tel: (412) 268-6791
Executive assistant: Samantha DiNardo, 268-7660GHC 9118


Broadly construed, I research problems of scalability. Current foci include the design and development of abstractions, algorithms, languages, and systems for scalable parallel, dynamic, and interactive computation. 

Current Projects
Past Projects


POP (Principles of Programming) Seminars

I organize the POP Seminars.  





Recent Professional Activities

Recent Editorial Board and Committee Memberships

  • ALENEX 2015.  Program Committee.
  • ESOP 2015.  Program Committee.
  • POPL 2015.  Program Committee
  • FHPC 2013.  Program Chair (with Jost Berthold).
  • PLDI 2013.  Program Committee.
  • FOSSACS 2013.  Program Committee.
  • Journal of Functional Programming (JFP) Special Issue on ICFP 2010.  Guest Editor.

Recent Public Talks

  • Work Stealing Unlocked: Thread Scheduling without Synchronization. Bertinoro Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures, 2013.
  • Practical Abstractions for Dynamic Software.  Tulane University, 2013.
  • NSF-CPATH Lecture on Parallelism: Automatic Granularity Control for Efficient Parallelism. University of Puerto RP, 2012.
  • NSF-CPATH Lecture on Parallelism: Greedy Sharing: Load Balancing on Weakly Consistent Memory.  University of Puerto Rico RP, 2012.
  • Dagstuhl Seminar on Principles of Provenance 2012.